Diagnostic & Road Map

Our diagnostic team is comprised of highly experienced, world class D&I specialists, business strategy and communications experts with a range for corporate experience. We also employ diverse talent from our programmes. From here we design and present the road map required for success, so your organisation can have confidence and surety it will be a 'Difference Ready' organisation.

Delivery - Leadership, Learning and Development

We draw from over 10 years of insight and delivery experience and by working with highly skilled experts and diverse young talent for alternative backgrounds, to provide high-impact, authentic, immersive development.

Talent Access

A unique aspect of our offering is the use of different talent as part of our delivery and culture change process. However, it doesn't just stop there, we also draw upon significant numbers of screened and or commercially developed diverse and different talent for your recruitment purposes.

We have over a decade of work built up a significant data base and network of diverse talent. This allows us to respond quickly to targeted briefs when supplying exceptional talent that will not only support your organisation to become difference ready but will give your organisation an immediate talent pool which you can develop or hire from. 

our corporate partners


We have worked with influential organisations that are driving for social change and have made the step towards being "different ready".