A major concern for all business leaders is that they do not understand whether or not their talent strategies are working and if their resource is delivering the outcomes they need.

Over 10 years of experience partnering with leading businesses allows us to confidently offer the road map, the know-how, the talent and delivery expertise to the concrete diversity outcomes, cultures and results your organisation requires to remain competitive and relevant for a different future!

Our diagnostic team is comprised not only of delivery experts, but also of highly experienced D&I specialists, business strategy and communications professionals and of course, diverse talent.


When required, we start the 'Difference Ready' journey with our 'Difference Ready' diagnostic process. This allows the client to understand and clearly communicate what their position, time-frames and strategy is on becoming a 'Difference Ready' organisation. It also allows us to understand what specific support we can offer.

Depending on need, our contributions may focus on:

  • D&I strategy  
  • Recruitment practices 
  • Employee networks 
  • Corporate communications 
  • Rewards & promotion 
  • Talent definition, identification & development  
  • Working practices 
  • Board level engagement

To offer a difference perspective we may use:

  • Discovery sessions
  • Targeted or random interviews with individuals and groups
  • Data analysis and research
  • Random 'Reception', recruitment & marketing testing from a diverse candidate perspective 

Through this process, we will offer a 'Difference Ready' road-map with insights on:

  • Quick wins and time-bound priority areas for focus, change and hierarchy of activity
  • Building on current strategies and success
  • Finding and empowering 'Difference Ready' advocates and influencers
  • Understanding the barriers to being a 'Difference Ready' organisation as well as how to avoid potential pit falls
  • Shaping narrative on your organisation's 'Difference Ready' point of view