A different approach to different talent 

Businesses have become desperate for different and fresh talent, in order to respond to and compete in a wildly different future and have woken up to the fact that most recruitment processes are 20 years out of date.

As part of our 'Difference Ready' service, we are able to source a large number of high calibre diverse candidates via our various networks built up over the past 10 years.

We intelligently utilise the talent on our interventions, as part of our 'Difference Ready' service provision. This not only prepares and develops your people and your organisation for a 'Difference Ready' culture but means you can access pre-screened diverse talent to build your own diverse future talent pool. 

We help you find, retain and develop 'Success Ready' talent from diverse communities. 

Before accessing the talent, we make every effort to get to know who and what you want; the characteristics of the people who flourish in your organisation - and those who don't - and what capabilities, mind-sets and skills candidates need to support your organisation's future success. 

As part of our process of getting to know you better we use our propriety 'Different Ready Diagnostic Tool' in order to introduce the right people for you and your culture, now and in the future.