We have a remarkable story to tell.


Co-directors Emily Shenton and Daniel Snell quit their executive careers - due to a tragic murder - to fulfil on their burning passion, and subsequently spent over a decade building and leading teams of delivery experts, in partnership with leading globally recognisable businesses.

Their genuine expertise is built upon delivering 1,000s of hours of leadership, development and coaching programmes with leaders from forward-looking brands and by developing switched-on, diverse talent from some of the most challenging inner-city communities in the country. That hard won experience makes Arrival a leading expert in the Talent, L&D and D&I sectors.

Their experience led to a realisation that there is a serious disconnect between the ambitions of big companies, and their capabilities to successfully deliver on the culture change required to remain relevant. 

Businesses spend significant sums on D&I interventions but have little in the way of outcomes to show for their investments to date.

Businesses face a hard problem as a result.

They need to become inclusive 'Difference Ready' businesses if they want to attract, retain and develop people of difference, in order to compete in a different future.

However, they aren't able to change fast enough to achieve those outcomes AND the diverse talent doesn't exist in the same places or in the same way they currently understand it.

This means many organisations are in danger of losing market share and becoming obsolete and irrelevant.

But what if there were loads of different sorts of talent in our society already? What if that talent was simply being overlooked and underutilised because of the ways business currently perceive and search for talent?

Arrival have a proven track-record of genuine outcome based solutions.

Whether your business requires real expertise and guidance in the D&I arena, or delivery of our ground-breaking culture or leadership development programmes, or access to our diverse talent pool of switched on candidates, we can produce the culture change and diversity outcomes required for a successful future. 

We work with people, not accounts.

In this rapidly changing world, it's only through hiring people who bring genuinely different "out of the box" life and cultural experience and skills that corporations can create futures as compelling as their pasts. 

All smart organisations understand that diverse teams and businesses out perform traditional, homogenous teams and organisations.

With over 10 years of ground-breaking development and delivery experience, Arrival have garnered unmatched expert insight into what businesses need and a vast network of different and switched on diverse candidates aged 16-24.