Coaching opportunities

Are you ready for a different future?

We are looking for ambitious candidates to enroll on a nine-month leadership development programme in association with our corporate partners. 

The programme will include:

  •  One-on-one coaching with a senior team member of the associated organisation, who will assist you in setting and reaching action plans. 
  •  Monthly meeting and half-day coaching sessions where you will learn how to implement the key pillars of leadership that are deemed crucial for career success.
  •  Set and take actions to develop your leadership capabilities.

Who we want:

  • You must be aged 18-24. 
  • Be switched on and ambitious with a desire to work in the corporate world. 
  • Be ready to make a difference in your future and those of others.
  • Possess a committed and professional attitude.
  • Ability to attend coaching workshops in the Central London area on weekdays. 

These programmes provide you with invaluable skills and experience to prepare you for the working world and whilst there is no guarantee of securing a role within your partnered organisation at the end of the programme this is the step towards making the right connections and gaining the right skills to lead you into your future career. 

To apply please send your CV to or send a message using the form below. 

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