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We have a remarkable story to tell.


Emily Shenton and Daniel Snell have spend the past decade delivering ground-breaking development work. Their hands on experience of delivering 1,000s of hours of change work with talented young people from some of London's most deprived inner city communities makes them the most credible experts in the development sector.

Working in FTSE 100 corporations brought Emily and Snell to the realisation that there is a serious disconnect between the ambitions of big companies and the capabilities of the people they employ.

Arrival Education works to break these barriers and change the perceptions that create a workforce that is the 'same'. The team work to deliver real results and provide the corporate world with the diversity that is desperately needs to survive and succeed. 

We work with people, not accounts.

In this rapidly changing world, it's only through hiring people who bring "out of the box" experience and skills that corporations can create futures as compelling as their pasts.

Our team gives hands-on experience to talented young people. Many of them are from London's most deprived inner city communities who are driven in making a better life for themselves. They have the talent but it needs nurturing.

This is where we step in - we take diverse, influential, inner city young people and develop them into candidates capable of  winning places in corporate graduate fast-track programmes.

In the 10 years we've been providing this service, we have gained an unmatched insight into what businesses need and what our candidates can offer, as well as a vast network of different and switched on talent.

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Arrival Education 10 Year Review.

In 2016 we passed the milestone of a decade since Arrival Education was established. Our impact report, which you can download here, gave us the opportunity to celebrate our highlights, learnings and achievements from the past ten years. 

This document celebrates the positive impact that Arrival Education has had on individuals, their families, their schools and their communities; and the work we have done to challenge the cultural norms and processes in our partner businesses. This has led business leaders to realise that by creating genuinely diverse and inclusive workplaces
they can create massively positive commercial impact for their organisations.


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