We help businesses succeed by unleashing the power of difference


Who We Are

We are a team of people who believe passionately in the power of diversity to make businesses and society stronger and better. 

What We Do

We deliver D&I and social impact solutions for forward thinking businesses and support diverse young talent on their path to success

Why Work With Us

We have over 10 years experience working with FTSE 250 companies and over 3500 young people aged 14-24 from diverse backgrounds.


We work with two communities of people


Leaders in organisations who realise that diversity of talent is critical to long-term business success


Brilliant young talent (aged 16-24), from socially and ethnically diverse backgrounds, who want to build successful futures

An increasing number of organisations are waking up to the power of diversity as a key driver of innovation, growth and increased business success.

They’ve seen the stats and they now know they need to create environments where diverse talent – with different viewpoints and experiences – can flourish, at all levels. However, some are struggling to make the changes they want and need to make.

We help these businesses change.

We transform perceptions, we create advocates and champions at all levels. We equip staff with the skills to effectively lead and manage diverse teams and we help you build pipelines of brilliant, switched on socially and ethnically diverse talent. We help you bring your values to life and demonstrate your commitment to being a diverse and inclusive firm.

Our work is transformative, bold and life-changing.




How we help organisations


Leadership Development

Programmes that develop the inclusive leaders your organisation needs.

Coaching skills

Unique coaching skills programme partnering your people with our young talent.

Early Years' Talent

Bespoke programmes which help you find and recruit brilliant, diverse young talent.

Social Impact

Long-term partnerships that transform social mobility outcomes for young people.


How we help young people


The Access Network

Workshops and coaching opportunities for 16-17 year olds from our partner schools.


The Future Talent Network

Development opportunities for 18-24 year from diverse backgrounds


Coaching & Development

9 month coaching programme partnering young, driven people with business leaders.


Workshop Opportunities

Early careers' and network opportunities with business leaders at our corporate partners



We have a remarkable story to tell. 

We are driven by a profound sense of purpose. We believe passionately in diversity, potential and change. And we’ve spent ten years challenging conventional wisdom.

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