A purpose led organisation with a unique past


Who we are

Our team believes passionately in the power of diversity to make business and society stronger and better.  Our work helps organisations develop the inspiring, inclusive leaders they need and our impactful Corporate Responsibility Programmes transform young lives.

What we do

We deliver D&I and social impact solutions for forward thinking businesses and support diverse young talent on their path to success. Our coaching skills programmes improve D&I, creating inclusive cultures that attract brilliant social and ethnically diverse talent. 

Who we work with

We work with two communities: Brilliant young people from non-traditional backgrounds who want to build successful futures and leaders in organisations who realise that diversity of talent is critical to long-term business success.

Why work with us

 We know that changing beliefs, mind-sets and behaviours is hard, but that is what we enjoy. And what we are really good at! With over ten years of working with FTSE 250 organisations and brilliant diverse talent aged 14-24, we have the experience to create long-lasting culture change.


Today’s young people.
Tomorrow’s leaders.


Our Leaders


Emily Shenton 

Managing Director

Although I started my career in Marketing at Unilever, my great passion is enabling people and organisations to connect, transcend and transform. Whatever age, or stage of life, whether 1-2-1, or in a group, it is such a privilege to enable people to overcome barriers, see new possibilities and produce results that they didn’t think were possible.

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Daniel Snell


I was born in Scotland, grew up in the Lake District and moved to London in 1991. After obtaining a degree, I worked, after a fashion, at Thomson Reuters, among other businesses. I am immensely proud of what Arrival has achieved, the team and their impact on the talent and on the leaders of business in the last decade. Currently, my central focus is leadership, culture, strategy and developing new products.

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Our Clients

We have worked with leading businesses from a broad spectrum of industries.


Over 3,500 young people, over 500 business leaders.

After Ten Years of Arrival Education programmes we seeing the real impact of our work, as the young people we started working with aged 14, are now entering the working world, securing top jobs and salaries that for most, are beyond anything anyone in their family would have dreamed possible. 

Across businesses positive impacts are being felt in key areas such as culture, employee engagement, learning and development and leadership. Staff gain confidence, develop and improve coaching and people development skills, and come away  empowered after a deeply rewarding and moving personal experience.