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About Arrival Education


Who we are

Arrival Education is a team of people who believe passionately in the power of diversity and inclusion to make business and society more successful.

Since 2006, we have designed and delivered hundreds of programmes, experiences and partnerships that change beliefs, attitudes and outcomes. We have over 2 decades of coaching experience working with senior executives as well as socially and ethnically diverse talent.

What we do

We deliver diversity and inclusion and social impact solutions for forward-thinking businesses. This supports socially and ethnically diverse talent on their path to career and life success.

Why work with us

Arrival Education has worked hundreds of business leaders drawn from globally recognised brands and thousands socially and ethnically diverse young people from schools across the UK and Republic of Ireland.


Today’s young people,
tomorrow’s leaders

We’ve been fortunate to support the development of thousands of ambitious socially and ethnically diverse young talent.


Our Leaders


Emily Shenton 

Managing Director

Although I started my career in marketing at Unilever, my great passion is enabling diverse young talent and our corporate partners to see beyond superficial differences and connect in ways that transforms everyone involved. Whatever age, or stage of life, whether 1-to-1, or in a group, it is such a privilege to enable people to overcome barriers, see new possibilities and produce results that they didn’t think were possible.


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Daniel Snell


I was born in Scotland, grew up in the Lake District and moved to London in 1991. After obtaining a degree, I worked, after a fashion, at Thomson Reuters, among other businesses. I am immensely proud of what Arrival Education has achieved, the team and their impact on the talent and on the leaders of business in the last decade. Currently, my central focus is leadership, strategy and sales.



Our Partners

We have supported a number globally recognised businesses from a broad spectrum of industries. Here are just some of our partners:


Over 4,000 young people, over 700 business leaders

Since starting in 2006, we have seen the real impact of our work, as the young people we developed then are now entering the working world and securing top jobs and salaries that, for most, are beyond anything anyone in their family would have dreamed possible. 

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