Attract and recruit brilliant socially and ethnically diverse talent


Early Years' Recruitment


As more firms wake up to the power of difference, they are starting to realise that their current approach to recruitment needs to change. 

Put simply: Businesses can’t keep doing what they have always done and expect to see different people to walk through the door. 


    Over the last ten years, we have identified multiple barriers to different and diverse talent joining and thriving in leading organisations, including: 

    • The Talent doesn’t think they would ‘fit in’ or be wanted – so don’t bother to apply
    • The Talent do not know how to navigate complex graduate recruitment processes and don’t get coaching or support other young people receive at home 
    • Those recruiting do not feel confident that their leaders will support bringing in non-traditional talent
    • Recruitment filters focus on academic achievement – a poor indicator of work performance
    • Leaders are not yet sold on the brilliance of diverse talent, thinking that they are not suitable for graduate roles
    All of the staff who have interacted with the talent pool provided by Arrival Education have been blown away by their drive, willingness to learn and personal confidence. It has really opened up our eyes to a talent pool we did not realise we were missing out on.
    — HRD, RBS Group

    How It works

    We design and deliver new practices and approaches which lead to brilliant diverse young talent joining and flourishing in our partner organisations.



    Research conducted by our talent to help your organisation understand your profile as an employer of choice for socially and ethnically diverse talent.



    Events designed to change perceptions, remove barriers, and connect your organisation with our young talent.



    Bespoke recruitment programmes that help you build a pipeline of brilliant diverse young talent who can flourish in your organisation.