'Leading with Purpose' participant secures internship with Skanska UK

This week we hosted our 6th Celebration Event for our 'Leading with Purpose' programme with Skanska UK. At the event we caught up with Temi, a student participant who has just secured an internship with the leading engineering firm. We talk to Temi about his experience.

Temi, tell us how you’ve found the experience?

I found the experience insightful. Not just into Skanska as a company but into myself as well. It was a chance to assess myself and the things I need to develop. Overall, it’s been a great learning experience.

It's also been great to see my coach, who is much further along his career journey, using to the same development methods to drive results for him.

What was the relationship like with your coach?

I'm grateful to have been introduced to Mike. At first, I was hesitant as I've never been involved in a programme like this but after our first conversation I understood that there were areas we could help each other develop.

The programme allowed us to look into each other’s backgrounds and be honest with each other.

I think we worked well together because we both came into this with an open mind which allowed us to get the most out of the programme. I'll definitely be keeping in contact with Mike as he's become a great mentoring figure.

How do you think you have developed as a result of being on the programme?

A strong development area for me was my focus and the level of urgency that I applied to my goals. Over the course of the programme I’ve been made accountable for these areas, constantly revisiting them and tracking progress.

As a result of being on the programme, I now do things with more purpose. I’ve learnt to attract the right crowd around me and focus on the things that are going to put me in the direction I want to go.

What have you achieved as a result of being on the programme?

The leading with purpose programme has helped me to maintain focus on long term goals by breaking them into small milestones. Along the course of the 9 months I've become more efficient with managing my time which has been helpful to all areas of my life from being a student, to my fitness goals.

It has also allowed me to gain clarity on my career aspirations. Since becoming a participant, I have been able to secure 2 summer internships within my desired industry. One of which is within Skanska's SRW team, as a Building Services Engineering Intern. It’s a great achievement for me.


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