Arrival's 9-month Coaching Programme explained

You may have noticed that we’ve been busy launching a number of coaching programmes over the past couple of months. Since March we have started three new programmes with GSK, Kerry Foods and Skanska UK, which are running alongside existing programmes with Investec, Artemis, ASOS and Coutts.

For those of you who don't know much about the programme, we thought we’d pull together a series of explainers, spotlights and case studies to shed some light on what exactly our coaching programme involves and the impact it has. First up, an explainer on our Coaching Programme and how it works.

The programme

Our 9-month Coaching Skills programme for Inclusive Leaders helps programme participants develop the skills required to lead and manage diverse teams, as well helping our partner companies build relationships with socially and ethnically diverse talent who they can potentially hire.

During the programme we partner ‘coaches’ from our businesses with ‘coachees’ drawn from our network of socially and ethnically diverse talent. Over a 9-month period they work together, 1-2-1, to help the ‘coachee’ fulfill on their objectives and develop the mindsets and behaviours that underpin success in life and work.

The logistics

On Day 1 of the programme we train the coaches in our ground-breaking CAUSE coaching model, as well as sharing key insights that we have found help others produce exceptional results.

Students then arrive mid-way through the day ready for us to facilitate an ice-breaker session where coaches and coachees meet for the first time, discuss life goals, identify strengths and potential areas for development and set objectives for the 9 month period.

After that, it’s down to them! The pairs aim to meet 6 times over 9 months and at each meeting they review progress against goals, discuss development objectives and together, work through and assess themselves against inclusive leadership behaviours.

Mid-way through the programme all participants meet as group to review progress, and coachees get the opportunity to turn the tables and coach the coaches (always fun!). At the end of the programme we come back together to review and celebrate the 9 months.

The model

The programme gives the coaches the opportunity to practice, in a safe environment, our CAUSE coaching model. The AE team developed this model after realising that well-established coaching models didn’t have the elements needed when the coach is really different - in terms of age, life experience, culture - to the coachee. It also felt much more natural in terms of conversation, and crucially led to the coachee (and coach) producing significant results. It isn’t complex at all, but it is surprisingly effective at helping people find connection and create change.

Over the next month or so we’ll be sharing a break down of our model and would love to hear your reflections experiences of the too. Stay tuned!


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