Arrival's Directors included in Maserati 100 list

This year's list showcases business innovators – entrepreneurs who can take an idea and execute it. We caught up with Emily Shenton and Dan Snell to find out what the award meant to them.

Hi guys, thanks for agreeing to speak with us about this amazing recognition! How did it make you feel?

D: Really fantastic. Some of the businesses on the list have achieved huge commercial impact, so it’s great to be recognised alongside those other success stories. It clearly demonstrates the Sunday Times / Maserati’s 100 broad view of business success by including a social impact business like ours too.

E: It was great to be acknowledged alongside businesses that are household brands. To be part of this list was a real endorsement of what we have achieved and what that has taken, over the last 12 years.

Why do you think awards like these are important for organisations like ours?

D: An award like this is hugely important, particularly as this year’s list focused on innovators who identified a problem and have built businesses to resolve the particular issue. That is the whole genesis of Arrival Education. We never set out to make lots of money – we wanted to build a sustainable business model that would address a social problem, namely that if you are ambitious and switched-on, but from a low-income household, or are ethnically diverse, or both, it is really hard to build a great career. We think that is economic and social madness and is something we are committed to changing. It hasn’t been easy at all, but it seems like the timing of the award is perfect, as we are about to launch an exciting new service that will disrupt the market and really scale what we are doing to support businesses and diverse talent! 

E: I think it’s great for our clients and everyone who has been involved with AE. We are lucky to have a lot of people believe in us and the work we do. A prestigious award is a great endorsement of their support.

Also for the talent we work with, as well their families, as it shows them that they’re involved with a great organisation. It was also great for our families and friends to see us acknowledged. They are already very proud of us, but an award like this is a really nice thing for them to see.

D: The team too! We have an amazing team who work really hard to deliver great results for our clients and our talent. People see the founders but the truth is it’s a group of incredible people working together that makes AE successful. This award is a testament to the collective efforts at AE.

Are there any other organisations on the list that caught your eye?

E: Monzo, Pieminister, the list is so varied – some new, some established. It was really great to see so many businesses which were founded by more than one person. It’s great to see so many collective efforts, and people setting up together. It shows that times have changes and it reflects the business climate that we’re in now.

D: I agree. It’s a really positive focus for people to get behind and perhaps change their attitude of business and the people who create them. They are tomorrow’s wealth creators and employers!

Have you had the chance to meet any of the other businesses on the list?

D: Yes, there was a celebration event where many of those on the list came along. I love going to these sort of events because of the connections you can make. I had an interesting chat with some incredible people like Josh Rathour, CEO and Founder of UniDays. I also had a good giggle with Poppy Gustafsson who set up a really interesting business called DarkTrace!

E: It’s always good to be among other entrepreneurs. It is always fun to share stories and be among like-minded folk. You can have a laugh about the highs and lows of being an entrepreneur.

So what’s the reward? Do you get a Maserati?

D: Unfortunately not, but we do get to test drive one which we’re very excited about. A dream car!

E: I don’t drive that often and I hear they are very fast. Could drive it together? That would be a lot of fun!


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