Arrival Education and Investec Celebrate 10 Years of Partnership

This month we’re celebrating our 10-year partnership anniversary with Investec. Back in 2008, we partnered with Investec to deliver our flagship social mobility programme, Success for Life.

The programme was designed to guarantee social mobility, but not just by university placement. Instead, AE focused on equipping young people from challenging London communities with the mindsets, knowledge, insights and skills required to create success for life.

“Investec lead their market as innovators and creators. They think and act differently and truly invest in their people, culture and communities. The ongoing achievements of our programmes truly reflect those commitments.”  Daniel Snell, CEO, Arrival Education

Today, the partnership has grown to support over 1600 students across 3 different programmes, and has won 3 incredible business awards.

We’re so proud of the relationship we’ve developed with Arrival Education. Working with a like-minded organisation, that shares our values to make a meaningful contribution to the world we live in, has helped us to deliver truly exceptional learning experiences, helping to empower young people from our communities to achieve their goals in life.

Over the past ten years, our colleagues across the bank have spent more than 5,600 hours volunteering with Arrival Education. They always come back reporting to have learned valuable skills and inspired by the young individuals they meet." Kerry Moores, Corporate Sustainability

Here’s to another ten!


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