'Leading with Purpose' student hired by Skanska UK

Our partner companies don't just get insights and new skills through our Inclusive Leadership Coaching Programme, they also find brilliant diverse talent who they can build relationships with, which sometimes leads to employment.

Ibrahim (aged 24), a participant on our 'Leading with Purpose' coaching programme with Skanska, was offered graduate schemes at 3 of the UK's top 10 construction companies, including Skanska.

When it came down to choosing between the 3 companies, Ibrahim says the decision was easy: “Through my work with (my coach) Ross what came across was that Skanska care for their employees and the quality of their work. The way Skanska conduct their work is admirable and I felt an inclusive vibe from the beginning.The 'Leading with Purpose' programme offered me a chance to really understand the company. That’s why I chose Skanska.”

Skanska hired 3 participants into graduate roles from Ibrahim's cohort alone. Amazing work!


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